Hear from Moms & Families


“I really like the working dynamics among the staff at Burdett Birth Center. As a first-time mother that didn’t really know what to expect, it was helpful and comforting to have the doctors, nurses, and techs tell me what to expect every step of the way. I really liked how they helped one another and were very attentive to our needs as new parents. Everybody worked very well together – from the nurses and doctors to the kitchen and cleaning staff. The atmosphere at Burdett Birth Center is very welcoming. We were very comfortable in our spacious room, which was decorated to give it personality and the lighting was great.” – Liz, Mom

“All of the nurses and staff were great. I felt like I was included and part of the team in the birth experience.” – JeffDad




“My experience at Burdett Birth Center was amazing and every aspect was perfect! My nurses and midwife were wonderful, and all of my wishes were listened to and respected. The postpartum care I received really stands out for me as well, everything from the phenomenal nursing care to the great breastfeeding guidance that was provided.” – NicholeMom 







“I know a lot about being a nurse, but very little about delivering a baby! Like any expectant parents, my husband and I were so nervous when we arrived, but we were greeted so nicely by the staff on arrival and put completely at ease. The day before I delivered, I was really nervous because labor wasn’t going the way I had planned on, but the staff was wonderful and took such great care of me. I was able to deliver the way I had hoped to. We genuinely enjoyed talking with all of the staff during our stay and left feeling as well prepared for life with a newborn as new parents can be.” – Amy, Mom 



“We never expected to get such great care from all of the staff – nurses, doctors, lactation, housekeeping, etc. I don’t think words can express how grateful we are to have had the love and care provided by each and every staff member – truly amazing people and we are so lucky to have been taken care of by all of you!” – Erin, Mom