Meet Pamela Platis, CNM at Burdett Birth Center

Pamela Platis always gravitated toward medicine. She began her career as a registered nurse (RN) in labor and delivery for a number of years. “I found myself thinking ‘There has to be a better way for these women to birth,’,” she says. From there, she went to midwifery school, earning her advanced certification in Nurse-Midwifery (CNM) from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Midwifery, Platis explains, is such a unique specialty in itself. Her focus is on midwifery education to teach the next generation of midwives.

Platis has been with Burdett Birth Center (BBC) since the very beginning when St. Mary’s Hospital and Samaritan Hospital merged together in 2011. At that time, we were known as Burdett Care Center. (Our current name, Burdett Birth Center, became official in January 2017.) Since day one, Platis has strived to be a resource for colleagues and patients and a person to rely on. She was a part of the original Perinatal Safety Committee, which has morphed into a department-wide meeting, as safety is definitely something that everyone at Burdett takes to heart. When asked what she enjoys most about her role at Burdett Birth Center, she replies, “The everyday work I do helping families has kept me coming back every day for 25 years.”

When choosing birth centers, Platis offers expectant moms the following advice, “Check Cesarean rates! Also, check facility rules and be sure you can agree with them. Make sure they have options for labor like BBC does.” Indeed, these different options to use in labor to help women get through it are important along with a flexible staff that can work with a variety of personalities. All of these things make Burdett a great place for women to give birth.

When Pamela Platis is not caring for mothers-to-be, new moms and babies, her own teenage daughter keeps her very busy! Her husband, Paul, runs his own Capital Region-based business, Old Saratoga Spice Rubs. Summers in Upstate New York are usually wonderful. For Pamela Platis and her family, they enjoy travelling north to their camp on the St. Lawrence River and spending time on their boat.

This profile is part of a series of blog articles about the doctors, midwives, nurses and other providers at Burdett Birth Center. We hope it helps you get to know us a little better.

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