Meet Brijesh K. Tantuwaya, Pediatrician at Burdett Birth Center

For Brijesh K. Tantuwaya, MD, the motivation to pursue a career as a pediatrician was spurred by a desire to work closely with children and families, and to help them to become happier and healthier. He’s been one of three St. Peter’s Health Partners’ pediatricians working with families who deliver at Burdett for one year now, but he brings with him over 22 years of experience in keeping families happy and healthy, including newborn babies.

In his role at Burdett, Dr. Tantuwaya has interests in advocating breastfeeding and safe sleep campaigns for newborn children. Typically, he’ll meet with expectant mothers before delivery to discuss breastfeeding options and answer any questions that come up. For women who have trouble breastfeeding, Dr. Tantuwaya helps to determine and work through roadblocks.  He also works with adolescents and teens, in which he specializes in asthma and respiratory management and ADHD management.

In addition to his special interests in his field, Dr. Tantuwaya wears a few different hats. He mentors and teaches nursing and physician assistant students, and plays a key role in promoting Burdett as a Baby Friendly Birth Center.  He also participates in the Mothers in the Middle program at Burdett and the Journey Through the Body educational program for kids at Crossgates Mall. His favorite part of his role, however, is helping to deliver healthy babies. Witnessing the miracle of life enter the world to smiling family members is what he finds most rewarding as a pediatrician.

Why does Dr. Tantuwaya think Burdett is good choice for families? “In addition to the excellent staff available 24 hours a day, we promote natural births, breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact right after birth and minimal separation between mom and baby,” explains Dr. Tantuwaya. “We are always open to suggestions and ideas about how we can make Burdett Birth Center a better place for patients, staff, friends and family.” For families who are considering Burdett, Dr. Tantuwaya suggests stopping by for a tour and to talk with staff about how we can make your birth experience the best it can be.

When Dr. Tantuwaya is not at the hospital or on-call, he enjoys keeping fit both mentally and physically, laughing with friends and family and volunteering at his 9-year-old daughter’s school.

This profile is part of a series of blog articles about the doctors, midwives, nurses and other providers at Burdett Birth Center. We hope it helps you get to know us a little better.

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