Dr. Ellen Biggers Discusses Role of OB/GYN at Burdett Birth Center

“Burdett Birth Center is a unique birth experience because we try to focus on the individual patient,” begins Ellen Biggers, MD, an OB/GYN with Samaritan who delivers at Burdett Birth Center. “We work hard to make the Burdett Birth Center experience optimal for our patients.”

After delivering her first baby in 1981, Dr. Biggers knew being an OB/GYN was her calling. Now Dr. Biggers practices and promotes focusing on a family care model to best support laboring mothers and their families stating that, “by supporting the family we’re really supporting the woman’s health and the baby’s health, as well.”

Watch this short video to hear more from Dr. Biggers on why Burdett Birth Center isn’t just providing a unique birthing experience, but also how Burdett is equipped, trained, and ready to handle all birthing situations:

This profile is part of a series of blog articles about the doctors, midwives, nurses and other providers at Burdett Birth Center. We hope it helps you get to know us a little better.

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