Deb Griner and Maureen Murphy Share What They Like Most About Delivering at Burdett

Earlier this year, St. Peter’s Health Partners announced that Capital Region Midwifery and its team of licensed midwives have joined St. Peter’s Health Partners Medical Associates (SPHPMA). This is great news for us at Burdett, as this means this outstanding team will continue to deliver here!

The midwives are also happy as well. Deb Griner, CNM, talks about what makes Burdett Birth Center a great place to have a baby in the video below. With large, comfortable rooms, we try our best to create a homelike setting for mothers during labor and delivery. Deb has been a part of the team at Burdett Birth Center, first as a member of our staff from 2012 – 2013. After that, she returned to school and completed her education to become a certified nurse midwife (CNM). You can get to know Deb a little more by reading her provider profile.

For Maureen Murphy, MS, CM, she enjoys working at Burdett Birth Center because we are community oriented with a strong team of nurses, midwives, staff and OB/GYNs. In addition, the nurses are trained in natural births, just like the midwives. She goes into more detail in the video below. In her practice, Maureen is a proponent of providing individualized and culturally-competent care to women and families, all while minimizing technological interventions. You can get to know Maureen a little more by reading her provider profile.

For more information on some of the dedicated, exceptional providers that delivery at Burdett, take a look at our provider series. We hope it helps you get to know us a little better.

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