One Mom’s Story: Nicole’s Experience at Burdett Birth Center

After recommendations from friends and family, and then attending a birth at Burdett, Nicole knew right away why she would choose Burdett Birth Center for the delivery of her first child.

“I didn’t feel like I was bringing my baby into a hospital setting. It was more of a calm, relaxing, family setting. It was very homey,” Nicole shares. She goes on to say that the thing she loved the most about the birth was that Burdett emphasized the importance of allowing the experience, from being admitted to the delivery, to be hers. In other words: her birth, her way.

In this video, Nicole shares more about the Burdett Birth Center difference, her continued post-pregnancy support from our lactation consultants, and more reasons she is choosing Burdett Birth Center for the birth of her second child:


We at Burdett Birth Center are excited to hear about Nicole’s positive birthing experience and can’t wait to be there for her in welcoming her second child due this month.

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