Back to Work/School/Life Program Helps New Parents Manage Busy Lives

Returning to work or school after bringing a new baby into the world is an anxiety-filled time for many families. Emotions run high, and parents want to be prepared. Burdett Birth Center’s Back to Work/School/Life Program is a terrific stepping stone for new parents easing back into work, school and other pre-baby commitments and activities. The aim of the class is to help lessen the stress associated with returning to work and assist with preparation and education about topics associated with transitioning back to work, like pumping.

The two-hour class covers pumping tips and tricks, as well as instruction on maximizing efficiency and managing supply changes, storing and warming pumped milk and feeding the breastfed baby a bottle. We also discuss the whole family’s emotional adjustment to leaving the baby with a childcare provider and returning to paid work, explains certified lactation consultant and instructor Carrie Kimball, BSN, RN, IBCLC. And you don’t have to be returning to work to come! The class is appropriate and helpful for parents who plan to do any amount of pumping at all, as most families will choose to introduce a bottle at some point and pump milk for the baby to receive from another caregiver.

Some patients have asked, “What about parents who will not be putting their babies to the breast?” This class is essential for parents who plan to exclusively pump milk and feed it to their babies so they can prepare for each stage of lactation after their baby is born.

“At Burdett Birth Center, our approach is that infant feeding is an individual decision taking into account many factors within the family. Our goal is helping you to meet your own,” shares Carrie. “It’s also a welcoming place for parents using formula in whatever quantity. We are open to whatever feeding plan a family has without judgment or any attempts to challenge their decisions.”

When it comes to feeding your child, returning to the workplace and transitioning daily care to a childcare provider, there is no “right way.” Through this class, we look forward to helping each family figure out their own way to best manage their busy lives with their new little one. We encourage families to attend our next monthly Back to Work/School/Life Program to learn more.

Click here to discover more about this class or give us a call at (518) 271-3393 to register for the next Back to Work/School/Life Program.

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