Breastfeeding Classes and Support Groups: What You Should Know

With an influx of questions and a bit of confusion over our breastfeeding support groups and classes, we thought it might be helpful to explain the difference between a class and a support group as well as more of an explanation on the classes and group options. Our goal is to help guide you through the entire breastfeeding journey! With some additional information, you’ll be able to decide what to attend and which programs will be more beneficial to you.

Lactation Basics Class (Part 1)

When: Anytime, but preferably before your baby is born.

We design our classes and support groups to help you every step of the way in preparing, learning and troubleshooting breastfeeding, pumping and feeding your new little one. Our lactation basics class focuses on getting you started and off to a successful start. Brand new parents or parents-to-be can attend this class to prepare ahead of time.

This class is part one of a two-part series but can be taken alone as well. The class includes lectures, videos, discussions and handouts. Partners and other support people are welcome.

Milk Expression and Feeding Class (Part 2)

When: Anytime before or after your baby is born

As part two of this series, our milk expression and feeding class is a follow-up to the lactation class.  Many parents choose to take this before their babies are born to reduce anxiety about returning to work or school when their maternity leave ends, or because they are considering exclusive pumping for their babies. Some parents want to get a head start on choosing a breast pump and supplies to use when the time comes to start leaving the baby.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

When: Anytime throughout your breastfeeding journey

Our breastfeeding support groups are peer to peer support facilitated by a medical professional. Groups are a great source of supplemental support when combined with our breastfeeding classes. These sessions are informal and set up to be interactive and engaging for parents.

Support groups rely on parents to come with questions, ideas and discussion topics. The lactation specialist will be available to answer questions and concerns and facilitate discussions based on the wants and needs of the group. Some common topics that may be discussed are latch and position, pumping, teething,  and concerns about infant sleep or starting solid foods.

We offer day and evening support groups and no registration is needed. Partners and babies are welcome!

For more information on any of our classes or groups offered at Burdett, visit our website!

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