Introducing Birth Pools for Water Births at Burdett Birth Center

At Burdett Birth Center, we strive to tailor the birth experience around the wishes of new parents. We’re thrilled to expand those birthing options for women who are interested in exploring hydrotherapy.  Thanks to the introduction of two new birthing pools at Burdett Birth Center, women may now choose water birth for labor and delivery.

There are many benefits associated with giving birth in the warm water of a birthing pool rather than a hospital bed.  “Reports have shown that women who have opted for water birth experience less pain, shorter labor process, decreased need for pain medicine and decreased bleeding and lacerations,” explains Birth Pool in a Box, the provider of our new eco-friendly birth pools.

The inflatable pools are designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for laboring in water for mother, baby and midwife. Each single use liner acts as an infection control barrier and fits securely on the pool. The pools can be adjusted to the right height for the mother and her midwife with an internal seat that allows each mother to rest in the pool comfortably – a feature available only with this model of birth pools. Additionally, a built-in cup holder helps to keep women hydrated during labor and delivery.

At Burdett, the feedback from both mothers and midwifes has been wholly positive. “It’s fantastic how much easier the pools make birthing,” shared midwife Maureen Murphy. “What a difference they make!”

And she’s not the only one who thinks so. Because Birth Pool in a Box birthing pools were designed with the help of focus groups comprised of midwives and mothers, they’re the top choice of birth pools for many mother and their midwives. In fact, over 16,000 women give birth in them each year.

To learn more about our new birth pools and if a water birth is the right choice for you, speak to your midwife or schedule an appointment at (518) 271-3393.

Photos provided by Birth Pool in a Box.

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